Efficient HVAC Leads to Effective Business: This Little Checkup is Unique to Successful Industrial Parks

September 5, 2018

As we get to the end of this summer, an increasing number of HVAC industrial park managers and technicians are going to confront maintenance and equipment headaches. For example, consider air conditioning systems for a moment. Even adequately cared for HVAC systems consume extended amounts of electricity, mainly through the summer months.

In reality, heating, air conditioning and additional climate control technologies are responsible for almost 26% of the power spent on commercial facilities in the US. So think about how badly your system may have performed – and cost – throughout the dog days of summer if it was not well preserved.

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For one, it has to stay on continually and work harder, thus using more electricity. Moreover, realize that mold and dirt build-up over the evaporator coils is going to affect the air condition and the well-being of your occupants.

If you disregard the issue for enough time, you’re going to pay a sizable chunk of cash to repair or replace the arrangement. Plus your building’s inhabitants won’t be too thrilled about the disturbance. You can evade such migraine-inducing problems at your development by routinely cleaning the coils and inspecting them when warranted.

Why? The coils will be able to circulate heat more effectively. That allows the unit to run shorter cycles for sustaining temperatures, consuming upwards of 36% less power. Reduced cycles also lengthen system life. Thinking about the improvement of air quality, a clean condenser tray and clean evaporator coils also prevent the HVAC system from releasing a musty or “dirty sock” odor. This is critical for a pleasant and safe work setting because unpleasant smells indicate the potential presence of toxic mold spores.

The Best Way to Prevent Interruptions in Your Facilities

A yearly scheduled cleaning and inspection will produce positive results in regards to client satisfaction and cost reduction. More regular reviews are also typically helpful. In situations where the air contains a large amount of suspended dust or particles, more routine scheduled investigations are important.

Not every evaporator coil is straightforward to reach, and quite a few of them are difficult to manage without disrupting those in your facilities. Oftentimes the coils are located in touchy places where taking out the hose is not a possibility. Still, with the proper equipment and advice, these headaches can be resolved.

In regards to proper equipment, the position of the system is a key aspect in deciding what tools to apply for the coil cleaning job. This is because A/C assemblages can be outdoors, on roofs on top of the facility, inside tight ceilings or even squeezed in mechanical rooms. Maintaining coils indoors contrasts enormously from renewing coils outside, so keeping them maintained efficiently and effectively means taking into account the unique requests that come with the situation.