Should I Get my HVAC Unit Repaired or Replaced?

January 9, 2019

 Your HVAC has earned itself the nickname “Old Faithful” over the years because it’s never given you any problems. It presents that cool air during the hottest of the Chicago summer days and offers warmth during the nights where you need it in the wintertime. Then out of the blue, “Old Faithful” stops producing cool air and begin having a meltdown. You realize you’ll need to contact a Chicago HVAC repair company, so you brace in the hopes that you don’t hear the words “you need to install a new HVAC system.” What’s the best choice for your situation ― replacement or repair

repair or replace hvac

Some Considerations

The older the system, the higher the chance it is to become damaged past the point of repair and to not be as effective as was previously. When your HVAC system is past 14 years old, it’s the right time to begin looking for a new unit. The energy saved each month that’ll be revealed on your power bill means buying a newer system can save you money over time. The next factor to examine is how much of a waste of money HVAC repairs can be. It is similar to putting a band-aid on a wide-open wound. 

If you get your Chicago HVAC system repaired five times to go on to replace the unit in the end, what was the benefit of those service calls other than making an HVAC company happy for your repeated business? How do you find out if your HVAC unit has to be repaired or replaced? Only by hiring a trustworthy company for the task can you get a reliable answer. 

The Chicagoland HVAC repair specialists at VP Mechanical have been helping Illinois commercial property owners and contractors with their HVAC difficulties whether that means repairing or installing a new one. If you’re noticing issues with your system, please get ahold of us to schedule a meeting to repair or renew your unit. You can reach us at (847) 468-9122 or find us online. We’re looking forward to helping you with this decision!